Secrets To Become a Trusted Financial Advisor Everyone Raves About

Mark Purnell

About the book

How do you break through a plateau in your financial practice? How do you deliver raving results for your clients, and thrill them beyond measure? How do you build an irrefutable brand in a fiercely competitive market? How do you reliably thrive during uncertain times?

These questions will be answered.

In his deeply insightful and easy-to-read book, Secrets to Become a Trusted Financial Advisor Everyone Raves About, leading advisor Mark Purnell shows you how to build and sustain a thriving advisory business. Using his proven strategies most advisors either don’t know or are too afraid to share, you will be empowered to:

· Gain high-net-wealth clients without having to spend a fortune.

· Secure hidden profit streams that are right under your nose.

· Be the preferred advisor clients and other consultants in your community think of first whenever they have a want or need.

· Turn your competition and foes into raving fans.

· Build and lead a winning team of advisors.

And much more!

Filled with case-studies, metaphors, and stories accumulated from more than 30 years of experience in the advisory business, this book will engage, educate, and inspire you to push the fold of what is possible in your business, and in your life.

Editorial Reviews

“Mark has a long history of success in helping clients achieve their investment goals. What makes Mark unique is his style of success built upon a strong foundation of truly caring for his clients and thus helping them unlock a path to achieving their financial dreams. He clearly has a compelling story to tell in helping other advisors learn firsthand about his client-centric experiences.” Barry Sullivan, Sullivan & Associates Wealth Management, LLC

“Just finished the book and I’m blown away! Chapter 10 is the most useful chapter to me,”Securing Hidden Profit Streams That Are Right Under Your Nose.”I read “Get Known Without Spending A Fortune” twice and found it very useful and thought-provoking… Great book!” James H. Coleman, First Vice President-Investments, The Coleman Gribben Group, Wells Fargo Advisors
“Throughout this read, Mark provides invaluable advice to help financial advisory firms effectively move from a growth to an expansion phase. Within each chapter, Mark supports his advice with data and real-life examples from his 30+ years of financial advisory experience.
My personal favorite chapter is, “The Formula For A Profitable Practice” as this gives a peek behind the curtains of an income statement of a successful advisory practice along with guidance on how to tweak revenue and expense expectations based on the size of a firm.
Secrets to Become a Trusted Financial Advisor Everyone Raves About is a must-read for any current or prospective financial advisor who wants to plan for success over the next decade.” Joshua Wheeler, CPA, CIA
“When forming a planning committee for a substantial post-retirement project I sought Mark as a coach, mentor and advisory network thought leader and strategist.Mark is an effective and successful business leader, and in this book, he shares his win/win strategies in team formation and achieving positive and measurable outcomes.I have personally watched Mark over the last 30 years and I love Mark for many reasons: his generous nature, his capacity to bring out the best in people and how he advocates for improving communities.” – Michael Kern, Principle Engineer, Johnson Controls


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Pages : 232

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Author : Mark Purnell